Where Have I Been?

I wanted to assure you all that I haven't dropped off the face of the earth! I have been around, working for the gallery still and changing things up with many different part time jobs. I have also been spending some more time with a couple loves of my life...the camera and animals! I have been volunteering at SICSA Animal Shelter for the past 8 months, helping out with photographing their animals for the website and facebook page. It has been a wonderful experience and they are a GREAT shelter. So dedicated to socializing and finding homes for animals in need. This is pretty much how I spend every Sunday afternoon, and I love it! Rather than flooding my blog with cute critter photos, you can go to my flickr page and view many of them there.


Hello again...

Hello all! I know I haven't posted on here in quite some time now. I have been very busy in my personal life lately. The good news is that I have a website under construction. I've been working on that for a few months now and hoping it will be up sometime in June. I will post the site when it's complete! Another exciting announcement is that I have a show in Tucson, Arizona this coming fall which means a whole new body of work to be made this summer. The show is a collaborative one with Ben Norton (Check out his paintings @ http://bennorton.blogspot.com) It will definitely be interesting to work with a painter on a show. I'm excited to get started. I have also been recently hired on as full-time at the art gallery I have been working at for the past 3 years. Having only one job instead of two will hopefully allow me to work more on my photography and figuring about what the next step is for grad school. Stay tuned for the website update!



Happy New Year Everyone!

2010 was a wonderful and challenging year for me, full of opportunity. Below are images from my first solo show at the University of Dayton. Some of the work is now displayed in The Color of Energy Gallery and Color 2 Gallery in the Oregon Arts District. Thanks for your support! I hope to update more in the new year!

Artist’s Statement

West is a series that has been very challenging for me. It is much different from any of my previous work. Typically, my photographs are narrative, figurative, and based upon the examination of the lives of those around me, including myself. I utilize digital media as a tool to explain how I feel after experiencing and processing a situation. At times, however, the digital realm overwhelms me. I do not enjoy experiencing new things through a lens or on an LCD screen. I regret lugging large cameras on vacations, and sometimes even feel guilty for not wanting to get it out of its case.

In this series, I chose to reverse everything I am comfortable working with, from the subject matter to the type of camera. I have never enjoyed photographing landscapes digitally. I feel as though the image, while aesthetically pleasing, never seems to transmit all of what I experience in these unfamiliar places. In West, I wanted to use film and a toy camera in order to work blindly, relying on the unexpected to explore new surroundings and landscapes. The unreliability of the toy camera forces me to spend time with a place and attempt to fully perceive it, resulting in images that not only capture what I see but relay how I interpret these foreign places.


New Work!

As promised(for like a year now), these images are from the series I have been working on the past few months. For a long time, I've focused on refining the concept behind this new work, and it has taken me a while to actually begin making the images. These are just the beginning, of hopefully a large series.

These photographs examine the delicate balance between a person's emotions about their own life. The fabric represents the everyday: the things, people, places, and tasks that face us on a daily level. In one sense, we are complacent and satisfied with our comfortable routine, and the things we let define us. At any given time, however, we find ourselves struggling with what it is that we do, and how it makes us feel. The duality between the contentment and the struggle is something I think many people feel often, and throughout their entire lives.

The same person appears in both sides of the photograph to represent the sometimes, Jekyll and Hyde lives we lead. Because their identities are concealed and lost within the fabric, their personal environments become yet another way to define them.

In two of the images, I used a mannequin in place of a human model. I wanted the opportunity to experiment with an inanimate object that I could project these emotions onto, and somehow show that she could "feel" them too. Her surroundings are generic to expose her placeless and voiceless existence, yet her ability to be given human characteristics.

Still working on these. Feel free to give me feedback. Also, if you're up for modeling, let me know!




I realize it has been about 6 months since I've posted anything on here, but believe it or not, I have been photographing! Not all of it has been my own personal work, of course, but I have been keeping quite busy. I have in fact started a new series of personal work that I am excited about. Those photos will take some time to show up on here since I would like them to be as "finished" as possible before I get feedback. I have continued photographing for The Color of Energy Gallery, various dance companies and the Ohio Farm Bureau.

These two photos I'm posting are what I think the magazine will consider "outtakes" from my most recent shoots, but they are my favorites. Examining the in-between, breather moments of an individual has always been of interest to me and a major foundation of my work. In these couple of shots, I could physically see these busy farmers exhale, and relax for one split second, which from what I gather, is rare for them. More to come soon...ish.


Little Moos

Well once again my personal photo work has fallen to the wayside. Working retail full time for the holiday season has been keeping me more than busy. I did, however, land a freelance job with the Ohio Farm Bureau photographing for their magazine, "Our Ohio". My first assignment was to go to a farm in Amelia,Ohio where they raise miniature cattle and photograph for an upcoming story. I had no idea what to expect, but it ended up being a lot of fun, despite the bad weather. The animals were as friendly as their names (Frank, Abe, Scarlet, etc.)as well as the hobby farming couple. Here are a few shots from the farm. Enjoy.